6 Life Hacks to Clean your Home!

Affordable Maids wanted to jump on the tips and tricks train, so we’ve decided to offer you guys some tips to help you make it through some of the toughest jobs, the easy way.¬† These methods of cleaning your home may not be entirely conventional, but they are proven to work just ask our staff!

  1.  Sometimes, cleaning faucets at home can leave you discouraged. All of the work that you do to make them shiny, and still some of the soap scum and residue will just not let up!

Use a lemon to scrub your faucets when they get tough!

2. Pesky pet hair controlling your life? So your vacuum keeps getting stopped up, and there is still pet hair on the carpet? Clean your carpet the easy way:

Use a squeegee to pull that pesky hair from the fibers.

3. So you had kids over, or maybe decided just to have a glitter party yourself. None-the-less, there is glitter all over your house now. How do you clean that?

Use silly putty, or play-dough to pull Glitter from the floor.

4. So you’re embarassed of your shower, the shower faucet is covered in lime, but the cleaner just won’t stay up there?

Rubber-band a plastic bag around the faucet to hold the cleaner.

5.¬† Some of your pans won’t come clean? What’s the harsh solution? First and of course, make sure that your pans can be cleaned using harsh materials. Certain pans are easily scratched, so do this one at your own risk!

Use sea salt to help you scrub those pots clean again.

6. So are you sick of cleaning your baseboards? Baseboards, in our experience, collect more dust than anything in the house simply because the cover a large area of your house, and provide a perfect space for dust to settle on top. How can you keep them clean, for longer?

Rub baseboards with dryer sheets for a soft and static-free layer of protection.


And that’s it! Use these tips to help your home be a little cleaner. If you decide that you would rather have the cleaning done for you, call Affordable Maids. We are available now to talk to you, and you can also Schedule your appointment with us online when your ready to get the job done.


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