Cleaning Dirty Sponges

Cleaning Sponges by Affordable Maids in Chattanooga

Overtime and after regular use your sponges can grow mildew and other bacteria.

But this sponge isn’t worn enough to throw away!

We get it! Affordable Maids is here with the latest tips and tricks for cleaning your sponges so that you can bring them back to life!’

Try these methods the next time you need to clean your sponges

  • Microwave a damp sponge for two minutes in the microwave. Your sponge will have survived, but the bacteria did not! Be careful however because the sponge will be super hot! However the next time you go to use the sponge for cleaning, you can feel comforted knowing that its sanitary!
  • Toss the sponge (safely) in the dishwasher on a “heated dry cycle”.  Similar to the microwave method, the heated dry cycle of your dishwasher performs a similar task in cleaning that scummy sponge, yet this method allows you to kill two birds with one stone, while you’re already cleaning your dishes!

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