Top-To-Bottom Cleaning

Anytime we get a phone call here at Affordable Maids, we are asked “What is it that you guys do exactly? Well I am here to tell you, when you hire us, you are getting a cleani in your home from Top-To-Bottom

We start at the top.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning
Cleaning the Top


Your ceiling fans, base boards, hanging shelves, mantles, and suspended cabinets are handled first by our maids. We will show up in Teams of Two and Three sometimes to tackle the cleaning in your home. Our maids will wet wipe and dust the services around the top of your home, so that we can continue our clean to the next section.

Over time your ceiling fans (if you stopped them for a few minutes) would show a build up of the dust that the blades catch as they spin through the air. This dust is a combination of your skin cells (thousands of them) and other sources such as your walls and things that blew in while the door was open. Naturally, you want to remove this dust from your home, and especially your air tides.  Dust travels quickly, so any dust that is up there is sure to end up in your lungs.

Arms Length

Cleaning by Affodrable Maids
Cleaning at Arms Length

Your appliances, counter tops, sinks, mirrors, and anything else that we can find are typically covered in this section. Basically everything that we’ve cleaned from the top has either fallen to the floor now or on these services so we continue to work our way down to the bottom of the house.

Affordable Maids can regularly tackle all Appliances, and fixtures. This would be considered to be a deep clean. We can also (for budgets sake) handle deep cleans once or twice per month, and pick up on the odd weeks with Arms length cleaning (Maintenance Cleaning). We finish with the floors everytime, the only real question is if you think your fridge and ceiling fans need a touch up!


Closing the clean at the bottom.

Floor Cleaning by Affordable Maids
Floor Cleaning

Ah, to the dreaded floors. Some of us spend so much time sweeping up messes around the house that we forget to clean the other things, oh, and mop. Well here is the coolest part of the Affordable Maids Top-To-Bottom Clean, during this phase (the bottom) we have already cleaned everything from the ceiling to the walls. All of the debris, from everything else has now worked its way to the floor. Call it efficiency if you want, but this just happens to be our cleaning method! Of course we will take a broom, maybe a wet towel to those base boards. Whoever invented base-boards probably never cleaned them. They are perfectly designed of course to catch anything that falls from the ceiling. But in one last and swift move, our maids will scurry around the house sweeping and wiping those pesky baseboards. And now to the floor.

We can steam clean if you like, if you have wood floors we prefer to mop the old fashion way. Steam mops are great for laminate and tile work, but they can actually force water down into the wood causing them to deteriorate faster. We do have Murphy’s oil soap however!


We will sweep.. yeah… just sweeping on the down low. #SoICreepYeaJustCreepinOnTheDownLow

This is what our maids do with their spare time. Build playlists, and mad-lib the songs while we clean!

(Vacuum sweep in most cases) the floor from the furthest part of your house, to the front door.

Vacuum sweeping ensures that the dust we have managed to force onto the floor doesn’t float back up into the air like a normal broom would force it to.

And then of course we will mop our way to the front door, and tell you that we hope you have a great evening.

And that’s it.

Now you can enjoy your home.

Call us when you’re ready. 423-475-TIDY (8439) or Book Online Now.



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