Best Methods to Clean an Oven

We clean ovens everyday. As a part of any standard clean by Affordable Maids, your oven will be cleaned by one of our professionals. Our staff is asked all the time how we are able to make our ovens shine like brand new equipment. 

  • Traditionally soak your oven in oven cleaner such as Easy Off or an equivalent.

When using a chemical cleaner, be sure to protect your hands and lungs!

  • Today’s floor steamers sometimes have removable attachments that allow you to use the power of steam.

Our professional equipment in the worst cases help our staff eliminate even the toughest baked on carbons. 

  • Make a spray from water and lemon juice. 

The acids in the juice can often help separate the carbons from the porcelain in your oven.

Our customers say that it was the best idea they’ve ever had calling us to handle not only their oven but to clean their entire home. When you’re ready, you can quote and schedule online or call us at 423-475-TIDY (8439)

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