6 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning - Affordable Maids

Sitting around the house this spring, you’re probably going to find yourself with nothing to do at some point, but with your mind set on cleaning out the house. Dusting, maybe arranging your furniture, this is the time of year to finally get the job done. But where do you start? Our professionals have put together a list to help you find your direction.

Off to the dirty stuff

  • Start with the laundry 

    Shopping, we all love it, but eventually you find yourself with much more than you need. Start with your closets and make two piles.  Keepers and Gifted. Your local thrift shop accepts donations and you will not only find yourself with much more organization space than you had before, but your donations to 503 Charities are tax deductible! There are some shops like Plato’s Closet who will actually pay you for your gently used clothes.


  • Sort through your socks 

    After sometime, you lose sock after sock and find your drawers are cluttered with useless material. This spring, once and for all, go through that sock drawer and find out which socks no longer have their mate! You can either find much more space in your drawers afterward, or determine if you need to buy more. Organizing your stuff plays an important role in spring cleaning.


  • Clean your Shoes 

    Hydrogen Peroxide and a little tide detergent go a long way for those shoes you probably thought were ruined. If you didn’t send them to the thrift store in step one, spend sometime cleaning the shoes in your closet. You will be glad that you did and you will be proud to wear them. Take a bucket of warm water, and one at a time scrub them down. If you clean them on a sunny day, you can leave them on the porch to dry!


  • Spices Go Bad Too 

    Overtime the cabinets in your home become overwhelmingly covered in the materials left behind with normal use. Small things like refilling the sugar pot or accidental spills leave a mess in your cabinet. Take a few minutes to pull everything (including your spices) and sort them out while you clean the space. Some of your spices will probably need to either be refilled or thrown away, so see what you can do about that as well.


  • Dirty Bathrooms 

    When you read that title, you probably thought to yourself, “My bathroom isn’t dirty.” Well isn’t it? What about your toilet brush holder, the baseboards around and behind the toilet. What about behind the toilet? Take about ten minutes to really put your eyes to work in your bathroom, we are sure that you will find something to clean!


  • Washables 

    Your dishwasher, washer and dryer and other appliances perform the valued task of cleaning your things. Make sure they are clean and they will be able to do a better job for you. Pull out the racks of your dishwasher and clean the traps of food and debris. Run an empty washer with bleach to clean it out, and vacuum the vents of your dryer.


And there you go. Hopefully we were able to provide you with some cleaning ideas that you hadn’t already thought about. If you really feel like you’re in a jam this spring, you can always call Affordable Maids to help you with your cleaning projects. Until next time!

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