Let’s Make Money Together

Affordable Maids is Cleaning Homes, Offices in Carpets in Chattanooga and we think that we can make money together! (With you.) We are looking for affiliate realtors and property management companies in the Chattanooga Area to share real commissions with. Your clients need their homes cleaned, and we can do it. Why be a third party anymore when you can make money by sending those clients to us directly? Its no longer worth the hassle of writing the checks to send us out and charge your clients.  You can save time by having tenants call us when they move, (guaranteeing more of their deposit returned), and you can save time showing homes by having them cleaned before your first open house.

How does it work?

Basically when you sign up with Affordable Maids, you will receive your own coupon code. Offering your clients discounts on our services, and when a customer uses that coupon code to purchase our services either traditionally or online, you will gain commissions. Its as easy as that. You pass our name to your clients, and get paid when we perform services for them. UP TO 20% commission which is typically around $40-50 per sale.

Here’s the catch, and its the only one.

Your commission is based on the coupon code that you provide. You will receive three.

  • One Coupon Code without any discounts. (Securing your full 20% Commission)
  • One Coupon Code with a 10% Discount (Securing you 10% of your Commission)
  • One Coupon Code with a 15% Discount (Securing you 5% of your Commission)

These coupons to be used at your discretion when doing business with your clients.

Now to the cool stuff

Our invoices at Affordable Maids range from $50-$400 (Higher end when carpet cleaning and other additional services are included).

If you help us sell those additional services, your commissions only increase!


Are you ready to go?

All you have to do to get started is call or email. You’re going to want to speak to Jeremy about your goals in doing business with Affordable Maids. He will provide you with your coupon codes and get you on your way. Its as easy as that.

Call Jeremy at (423)475-TIDY (8439) or email jeremy@affordable-maids.com

We look forward to doing business with you.

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