Chattanooga Area Carpet Cleaning

Our customers say that we are the best in the business. Affordable Maids has coined a method for cleaning carpets that stands alone among our competition in the Chattanooga Area.  Your feet will recognize the difference in the soft fibers of your carpet after we have worked our magic, and you will see a noticeable improvement in the visual condition of your carpets as well!

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

You don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you chose affordable service! The professionals at Affordable Maids have been cleaning carpets in the Chattanooga Area for years and have the training to clean your carpets the right way, the first time.  We rarely run into issues with our services, however if you are unsatisfied, our carpet cleaning services are guaranteed

Carpet Cleaning by Affordable Maids

A Smell that you will be proud of

Imagine walking into your home, with or without pets, and thinking to yourself, “Wow it smells fantastic in here.” You don’t realize it but the majority space in your home at risk for filth is the floor! All of the dirt from the air, and normal activity falls to the floor. This includes skin cells, dirt from outside, spilled milk and anything else that can change the color of your rugs and be subject to smell. Our staff will clean your carpets and instill them with a smell that you will be proud of.

Stain Removal, and our Guarantee

Stains in your carpet can sometimes connect to those fibers on a chemical level. Affordable Maids will do our very best whilst in your home to remove every stain that we and our machines come into contact with. However sometimes we run into situations where the chemical bond of certain stains can out weigh our ability to remove them simply with steam, water, and cleaners. Our guarantee is that you will see an improvement in your carpets. At the bottom of the line, we guarantee sanitation and smells.

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