Affordable Maids was established in August of 2015 by our proprietor Jeremy Huskey.   Since our opening we have reached out to help our customers all across the Chattanooga Area. Our cleans start with the top of your project and end at the bottom.  Including Ceiling fans to base boards, carpets and windows when required as well.

How does it work?

Affordable Maids will typically work in teams of two or three to accomplish our tasks quickly, as as efficiently as possible. When arriving at your home, our team will immediately begin to tackle the toughest of tasks, reset your home, and sweep and mop our way out.  We do not work by the hour, instead we work by flat rates, incentivizing our team to not only do the job correctly the first time, but to do it well, fast.

Interested in how we clean?  Let’s talk: Top-To-Bottom Service

In a nutshell our cleaners start at the top of your home, (the ceiling fans and cob webs), and end at the floors. You want a cleaning service that is going to handle the dust on your baseboards, the filth behind your stove and under your couches. Affordable Maids takes pride in our ability to catch those areas which most cleaners don’t even think about.

Services We Provide

Home Cleaning

Our professionals can clean your home from Top-To-Bottom. We start cleaning at the top of your home including ceiling fans and cabinets and sweep our way out the front door. We are sure that you will be satisfied with your home after Affordable Maids is finished cleaning.

More information about Home Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

So you’ve noticed some spots or maybe a smell in your carpets? Are you moving out? Maybe now that your furniture has been moved you see a difference. Our Carpet Cleaning Professionals have the skills to rejuvenate your carpets and turn them back to a time in which you were proud of them. Affordable Maids is competitively priced and we are sure you will be proud of our carpet cleaning services.

More information about Carpet Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Every business owner or staff member wants to impress customers who show up to their office. Your office is nice, you have filled it with personable items, but how long has it been since it had a good dusting? How can you be productive handling all of this yourself? That is why Affordable Maids cleans offices in Chattanooga. We want to take the cleaning stress off you so that you can get back to what’s really important.

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Vacancy (Move In/Move Out) Cleaning

Now that all of your stuff is out of the home, or prior to your move in, you’ve probably noticed that the cleaning is going to be a larger problem than expected. Inside the cabinets, the baseboards and ceiling fans. You’re on an emergent timeline, and there is so much to be done. Affordable Maids cleans vacant units all over town, and all the time. Our staff is trained to handle the work quickly with eyes to spot the dirt.

More information about Vacancy Cleaning

How much does it cost?

As opposed to our hourly paid competitors who sometimes take all day to clean your home, Affordable Maids will typically do the same amount of work in just an hour or two. This method allows you to get on with your life without having staff crowd you in your home. We want to get your space clean, so that you can go on with your day!

When it comes to the price of our visit, we can always give you a rough estimate, but we truly believe your home to be unique among others and would prefer to schedule a meeting to talk about the services that you would like us to provide and the spaces that you have us clean. You see its tough to talk about pricing over the phone, because your home or office is so much different than others. Affordable Maids can probably give you a better rate, if you only show us your home or office!

  1. Pay for cleaning quality – Of course Affordable Maids will do a good job every time we clean your home, however the sole exception to this scenario is based entirely on your budget. If you are looking for a quick clean, maybe in between deep cleans, our staff is capable of handling those cleaning jobs as well.
  2. Delivered by Expert Cleaners – Our cleaning staff undergo a barrage of training applications including management shadows and hours upon hours of in the field service training. We have a job to do, and its to clean your home. Management at Affordable Maids is aware of the task at hand and works hard everyday to ensure that our staff is doing a good job while they are in your home.
  3. Guaranteed Success – Satisfaction Guaranteed at Affordable Maids.  If you are not satisfied with our clean, a member of management sometimes accompanied by staff cleaners will return to your home or office free of charge to work through our mistakes. We are not finished until you are satisfied!

Trust Affordable Maids

All of our staff members are subject to a Nationwide Background Check, several hours of training, and are often incentivized to ensure that we do a good job the first time. Our brooms always sweep cleaner than the other guys, call us today or schedule an appointment online for more information.